October 27, 2020

"Excellent service 6+ years I have lived here. Easy disposal of extra items in dumpsters located at business site. Always friendly office management. Thank you for your service to our community!"
October 25, 2020

"These folks go above and beyond!! When my husband was fighting cancer and I had a knee replacement the fellow told me to just leave the can at the garage door and he would come up the steep drive after them for us!!! Have always found the office personnel very friendly and helpful!"
February 8, 2020

"always friendly and accommodating"
February 8, 2020

"Wonderful service and always friendly in the office!"
February 28, 2016

"Great service! A garbage service that has always done a great job for us. Friendly when we go down to pay the bill too or bring a pickup load of extra garbage that we couldn't get in the cans."
Wabasha Rubbish Removal LLC